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Tips on how to Find your Fashion Voice and be Comfortable.

Presented to you by:

Kay Briggs, Owner and Artist of

Pink Poppy ARTisans Boutique

#1 Wear Lightweight Tops with Sleeves that can be adjusted up and down. Suggested Fabrics, Cotton, Popplins, Bamboo, or Lightweight Summer Sweaters.

#2 Layer underneath with a lightweight Cotton or bamboo camisole. This layer can add warmth but also keeps your temperature consistent and that keeps you comfortable.

#3 Change the length of your pants to a more Summer Length. Ankles showing or above will keep you cooler, and they are Fun.

#4 Change the width of your pant legs so they aren't tight against your skin. (like leggings) Loose pant legs will keep your body temperature cooler than a legging will.

#5 Change your footwear to a more Seasonal style like Wedges. These can cross over fashion styles from Casual to Dressy and they are stable and comfy.

Kay's Style TIP:

Dress to fit your personality and your lifestyle.

You're more comfortable and it will show!

If you are struggling with your Style Voice,

call or email Kay Briggs for a Personal Style Consultation!

We can find what Colors, Styles, and Fabrics look best on you and will fit into your wonderful life.

1500 Rivery Blvd #2165

Georgetown, TX 78628


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