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A vision from the Heart behind Pink Poppy ARTisans Boutique

Kay shares her passion and vision behind Pink Poppy.

I see Pink Poppy as a Fashion/Lifestyle business.

Yes, I sell things, but I sell things that are made in the USA, made by individuals who are developing their God-giving talents and producing a product.

I make sure products work well and perform well so you enjoy them, carry value, and bring you back.

I feel so responsible for the part I play in my community and my world and I diligently research what I buy.

Most products I use, I love, and I suspect you will too, so I share them.

So much goes into what you see in the shop before it ever makes its way to the floor.

I don't follow fads. I follow guidelines that never change even when Fashion and products do.

At Pink Poppy you will always find products that will enhance your life, will last, and you will LOVE!

Your support is SO APPRECIATED and I thank you for showing up for Pink Poppy and me. See you soon friends.

Love, Kay Briggs, Owner and Artist of Pink Poppy ARTisans Boutique

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