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Everyday Luxuries

"Everyday Luxuries" Have you ever noticed how they make you feel?

I have, and it matters to add them to our daily lives.


Like putting on a Bryn Walker Linen top that's been in my closet for 5 years and I still LOVE how it feels on me.

My Library of Flowers Perfume Cream and Shower Gel brings joy to my Senses every day!

The sunglasses I'm wearing are Brighton Aviators, one of my favorite things!

I appreciate pretty little things I call, "Everyday Luxuries " because they make me feel good about myself, the women I support, and the integrity of my retail shop.

Every day we live matters, so fill them with "Everyday Luxuries" and love life beautifully!


Kay Briggs,

Owner and Artist of Pink Poppy ARTisans Boutique

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