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How to Accessorize for Fall!

Let's talk Hats-

While Hats are beneficial, they can also be very beautiful! Hats are so beneficial to keep the sun off your face and also protect your neck and your hair when it's windy outside.

We love a stylish hat paired with your favorite sweater and boots for Fall.

*TIP: Throw on a pair of classic denim pants or some leggings with a plain button-down shirt or tee. You can style this look up with boots, a statement sweater, and your beautiful functional hat!

Add a Hat to your next outfit for that fabulous Fall Fashion Look!

Sweaters and long sleeve shirts can be versatile-

Lightweight sweaters or long-sleeved button-down shirts look great around your shoulders or even your waist!

Sometimes we just need a little something extra for a solid color outfit. Wrapping a patterned sweater or long-sleeved shirt around your neck and shoulders can act as a scarf or necklace! This draws your eyes up and gives your outfit a statement using something you already own.

With some outfits, we need a cinch in the waistline or something to break up a solid color dress. Wrapping a patterned sweater or shirt around your waist will make your outfit a bit more casual and give you some definition. When trying to be comfortable yet still fashionable, this look will be your go-to. Try this tip and pair it with casual tennis shoes, a fabulous oversized bag, and your hair pulled back for that effortless Fall Casual look.

Hand Bags and Purses-

Your handbag is important for so many reasons!

Our purses keep us organized and also make a fashion statement. We like bold prints and solid colors that never go out of style.

Solid color bags can be more elegant and create a put-together look. Elevate your casual outfits with a blazer and a solid-color structured bag!

When choosing a bag, always be sure it has a comfortable fit for your body type. Here at Pink Poppy we can help you find the perfect size for your lifestyle.

A boldly printed bag will spice up a solid color outfit. It will give you that extra fabulous detail while also keeping you organized on the go. Think of choosing timeless patterns such as leopard print to wear with denim, all-black, or even brown tones!

Another great tip is wearing a crossbody bag which adds another layer to your top if it has minimal detail around the neck.


Vests are also the perfect way to add a layer and create a unique look!

Bold prints and colors work well with solid tees and your favorite pair of pants or tights.

When choosing a more neutral color vest the best way to style it is to add a patterned shirt underneath. Vests can also be worn under a heavier coat!

We love to pair a vest with leggings, denim, and a great pair of boots or tennis shoes!


When in doubt toss on a scarf! Scarves are a wonderful accessory that will dress up your look any time of year.

Wrapping your neck is a wonderful way to add something extra to your blouse, sweater or tee shirt. This will also bring beautiful attention to your face and create a more soft elegant look.

Scarves can be dressy or casual. They can be heavyweight, lightweight, short, long, bold, or classic.

We would love to help you find the right scarf for your style!

We hope you feel fabulously YOU this fall!

Visit us today to make your style dreams come true!

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