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How to dress for FALL Tips & Tricks

Depending on where you live, Fall can feel different. We all want to feel cozy and wear warm tones and sweaters, but what if it's warm in your region!? We have some tips for warm weather fall outfits and how to layer for when it's cold!

Here in Texas, the weather can range from hot, warm, cool, and COLD! We must be prepared and have our GO-TO outfits when the weather changes.

Think, Layers. One thing we really encourage is layers. You can layer a beautiful sleeveless blouse, with a lightweight cardigan or thin jacket. Sometimes we need a little more warmth and that's where a scarf comes in and a heavier jacket such as a jean jacket or puffer jacket on top of your thin layer.

Pink Poppy carries many lightweight jackets and mesh cardigans! You can layer these on top of tee shirts, blouses, or tank tops for a more put-together fashionable style. It's easy to remove layers and still have a fashionable ensemble.

Using different textures. Think about layering textures as well. Try mixing a silky top with a jacket that has some texture, like mesh, leather, or wool! Jeans pair well with silky materials, or even tee-shirt material. You can add texture with a scarf as well or a long necklace.

Choosing what shades to wear. Another way to really bring on the fall vibe is color. Choose more natural tones such as browns, beige, black, and deep reds. We love green tones and of course oranges! Layer your colors as well for a more curated unique look. Blacks and browns are staples! You can wear black or brown pants, and a tank top or blouse to match. Add your layer, with a green, red, or orange cardigan, or jacket! The idea is to wear the staple colors as a base and add a pop of color in a scarf or mesh cardigan.

Shoes, Shoes Shoes! Shoes are also important! Think lightweight boots and shoe boots for a more casual and versatile look. You can always dress your boots up with socks and create more warmth when it's cold out.

What we carry matters. WE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! Your handbag! Pink Poppy carries many beautiful purses and handbags to accent your outfit every day! We have a bag for every occasion and we carry them in all sizes.

Visit us today for a wonderful experience, and a chance to feel, and be your greatest, most fabulous self! THANK YOU!

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