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How Fashion Shows Tell Stories and Open Your Creative Mind!

Let's begin with the definition of a fashion show.

A Fashion Show is an event at which collections of newly designed clothing are modeled for an audience.

Pink Poppy LOVES to host Fashion Shows. Supporting our community through fashion shows means, educating, inspiring, and sharing the ideas of style that make you feel more confident, and fabulous. Fashion is about expressing yourself and showing up in a way that makes you feel motivated and wonderful.

Why it matters. There are so many options of fabrics and patterns that will complement your desires and tell your individual story. Finding joy in our everyday life is easy when you are surrounded by colors you love and things that feel great when you wear them. It's little things like pretty flowers, abstract art, fluffy jackets, and soft comfortable pants that really set the tone for your attitude. Look good and feel good. The best part is whatever YOU think looks good and feels good IS! You get to decide. We love to guide you and inspire you, but your fashion journey will be one of its own, and that's the best part. Be uniquely you, because the world needs more of you!

Grand Living at Georgetown says, "Kay Briggs with Pink Poppy Artisans Boutique hosted our first fashion show and turned ten of our ladies into supermodels. Thank you, Kay and our models for a great event!"


Sometimes it's hard to imagine what an outfit will look like and how flattering it can be until you wear it or see it on someone. Some outfits you might think, "That won't look good on me", and once you try it on, BOOM, you feel and look fabulous! Fashion shows can help you see how outfits have the ability to flatter us and how they sit on our bodies. Don't be afraid to try something on!

Another aspect of things we wear and purchase is where it comes from. When we are aware of where things come from, who makes them, how they make them, and the passion behind the item, we can develop a sense of compassion, and a desire to support others. It can feel amazing to contribute to a local designer and their efforts. Fast fashion is something we try to steer clear of. Supporting local artists, small communities, and companies that are fueled by love and passion is what we deeply believe in here at Pink Poppy. We are able to tell the stories of the designers, and brands when we host Fashion Shows. We hope to educate you on what you are contributing to when you make a purchase at Pink Poppy.

Through fashion shows we get to tell the story, show the beautiful ways to layer and dress up your outfits, we get to connect with you, encourage you to see beauty, and support things that lift you up and others!

It's more than clothes... it's a way of living and loving.

We would like to invite you to save the date!

Pink Poppy has a big Fashion Show Coming up in September and we cannot wait to see you!

Thank you for reading our blog, and thank you for supporting a local business!

We appreciate you very much.


We Hope You Feel Beautiful Today!

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