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Here at Pink Poppy, we are Family!

Did you know that Pink Poppy Artisans Boutique has been in Business since 2013?

AND, Did you know that Jean has been part of our team since the beginning? Cristina has been here since 2015!!

Mel is new to our team since February of 22 and she is a perfect fit for team Pink Poppy.

Our team members have such longevity because they have flexibility, and they are encouraged to serve not sell and the end result is amazing.

I love to encourage each of them to "Do Them" and it creates creative, respectful relationships.

I love these women, I appreciate these women, I count on these women, and I respect them. They are, Team Pink Poppy.

Love, Kay Briggs, Owner and Artist of Pink Poppy ARTisans Boutique.

We hope you feel beautiful today! Stop by and visit us at the Boutique, we would love to see you.

1500 Rivery Blvd #2165 Georgetown, TX 78628

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