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Being Intentional: Clothes are more than material.

There's always a story behind every Woman's journey in life.

I personally love knowing them and when possible, support them.

This story is from a Company that we support here at Pink Poppy. Salaam, made in Vermont got this very kind note from a customer. I thought it worth sharing because when we support other Women in life, you never know how far the touch.

The story Kashka told (a customer) is below-

"Hello, I want to tell you, that over 13 years ago, I bought a short, reversible skirt from you in Burlington off your clearance rack. I had very little money and had just moved to Vermont with my 2 babies. It was the only thing I had bought myself in years, but I did it because I loved it. Over a decade later, I love it still. I sometimes wear it days in a row. Your skirt has traveled with me all over Vermont, the country, and Eastern Europe. I've gotten compliments on it wherever I go. I've danced in it, hiked in it; I've met old friends and made new ones while wearing it. Even though my size has changed and fluctuated, my skirt has not made me feel terrible about my weight, by adjusting itself accordingly. I guess that I want to say "thank you" and to keep doing what you're doing, even though sometimes you may not know that something you've done has made someone's life just a little bit better because of it."

So you see, supporting Women in this life reaches far and wide.

Remember the next time you make a purchase at Pink Poppy ARTisans Boutique, there are stories like hers representative all over the shop.

Thanks for Supporting Me and all the others and their dreams!

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